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caution! this journal is full of random stuffs and pure nonsense, might not good for your brain.


Things I love:

˚ SHINee Leader Fake maknae Onew Onyu Dubu Jinki Lee Jinki Ontokki Tofu Eunsook Dubulge Jjong Dino Jonghyun Kim Jonghyun Blingbling Minho Flaming charisma Choi Minho Hyungwhore Gwiboon Key Kim Keybum Diva Taemin  Mushroom  Lee Taemin Taeminnie Onkey Jongyu Minew Joonew Junew bff-Jongkey appa-son Ontae Chicken Anyone/onew COLLARBONES

˚ YG BigBang 2NE1 YGfamily GD G-Dragon Jiyong Kwon Jiyong Kwon Leada Seungri Panda maknae TOP TOPG GDTOP G-RI GDTory Double combo CL Chaerin Baddest female VIP Black Jack Minzy Dara Bom

˚ Lee Jinki Lee Jinki Lee Jinki Lee Jinki Lee Jinki Lee Jinki Lee Jinki Kim Jonghyun Lee Jinki Lee Jinki a gazillion times Lee Jinki ok, etc etc


Lee Jinki + collarbone + smile + lucifer/hello hair = ME GUSTA. OFFICIALLY DEAD.

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i wonder how onew feels atm since he's sick and up until now there's no news about him.

so i surfed the internet and i found this..... i thought this's recent but then i noticed the "play etude" sign

cuteness overload )


Dec. 14th, 2011 03:08 am
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Happy birthday most adorable cute lovely angelic dork leader, Lee Jinki!

stay beautiful, perfect as always, young, kind-hearted, and keep smiling your pretty smile everyday! i hope you all the best. people on tumblr already made such long, well written essay about you, i'm so touched. such beautiful words and definitely suits you, my number one bias. and i'll keep supporting & loving you always. alright. ilysfm mamadubu. smooooooooooooches!♥

my baby

Sep. 26th, 2011 04:08 pm
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omg jinki-

he's so beautiful ajhdlakjdalsjd

jinki why





ajda;lkdjads D':